What brought you to CrossFit Oshkosh?
I grew up in Green Bay playing soccer pretty much not non-stop from first grade through college. After college, I was finding myself out of shape. I moved out to Colorado for two years and that’s when a friend of mine suggested I try CrossFit. I was instantly hooked.
After moving back to Wisconsin I wanted to continue with CrossFit, I had visited a few different gyms in the area but the friendliness paired with the professionalism of the CFO coaching was what really won me over.

Your first impressions of CrossFit Oshkosh?
My first impression of CFO was that I was impressed. Everything was clean and organized.

What has been your biggest hurdle since starting?
My biggest hurdle since starting CrossFit is consistency. But having so many friends at CFO makes it really easy to make sure I make it to classes.

What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit?
My favorite part of CrossFit is the people. I had the opportunity to compete in my first competition and every single competitor was super friendly and supportive.

What are your current goals in CrossFit?
My current goals are to start building up muscle. It’s pretty hard for me to put on any weight, but since starting with CFO I have noticed results that I am excited to build upon, as well as getting to the gym 4/5 times a week vs my usual 3/4.🤘💪


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