The start of another month means a new cause for the CrossFit Oshkosh community to support, thanks to Sweat Angels, a service that was created to connect the CrossFit/fitness community to awesome causes. Sweat Angels makes it as simple as a check-in on Facebook for gym members to be able to take part in providing to a monthly cause. CrossFit Oshkosh started using Sweat Angels this past April, and took part in granting 126,169 minutes of autism therapy. In May, Sweat Angels teamed up with Habitat For Humanity to help Nepal rebuild after the devastating earthquake that took place in April.

This month, simply by checking into CrossFit Oshkosh on Facebook before they WOD it out, members of the box are providing children in need with shoes! Every 5 check in’s on Facebook equals one pair of shoes for a child in need. The average CrossFit Oshkosh class contains about 6 members, and there are 5 classes held a day, so CFO is providing about 25 children a day with a pair of shoes! Sweat Angels stated that their goal for the month of June is to provide over 30,000 pairs of shoes to children around the world. CrossFit Oshkosh feels proud in being a part of helping Sweat Angels achieve this goal.

Sweat Angels also provides a hashtag with each months cause that gym members can use while sharing their location on Facebook. This month the hashtag is #shoes4kids.

Sweat Angels is just another way in which CrossFit Oshkosh is so much more than a gym, but is instead a community where the members like to get fit! What is more motivating to get to the gym than knowing that you are helping people in need by simply doing a workout and sharing it on Facebook!?
If you are looking to change your lifestyle, and help people in need while bettering yourself, CrossFit Oshkosh is the place for you! Come check us out during a free community workout or any time, and while you’re here, make sure to check-in to help us help a good cause.

-Mary Weider, Social Media Intern


Facebook; Sweatangels
Facebook; Sweatangels

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