Two shakes, 6 blocks down only 15 to go
Two shakes, 6 blocks down only 15 to go
Many CFO Athletes have taken on “eating to perform” since the start of 2014. One of the biggest complaints about this type of nutrition regimen is time consumption. Weighing, prep, storage, and other pit falls to this “diet” can out weigh the benefits in the eyes of some. I have found simplicity and speed trump taste, and here is a quick way to get a three block meal in a shake, which tastes great (depending on the protein):

Protein, which ever brand you use, I make my first shake of the day with Progenex “More Muscle”, and my 2nd with Progenex Recovery
Oats, regular thing of oatmeal from the store
Coconut or Almond milk, I use the unsweetened.

Add a serving of protein i.e. two scoops of Progenex, 1 cup of oats, and 1.5 cups of coconut milk (dependent on the fat content of the milk, follow the Zone guidelines) to a blender. Depending on the volume of protein I will also add a little bit of water. Blend until it turns into a shake, pour into shaker and take it wherever you need. Three blocks quickly and efficiently.

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