Thanksgiving is one week away, and before we shove our faces with turkey, stuffing, and pie, we take time to reflect on what we are incredibly thankful for in our lives.

Usually, we list off our loved ones, our homes, our careers, maybe a fun trip we were able to go on in the past year. We also often list off our health. Our bodies put up with so much, we should be extremely thankful for our health. But it seems as though, on every other day of the year, we can easily forget how incredibly grateful we are for a functioning human body.

It’s all too easy to wake up and take for granted the daily tasks we are able to perform without question. If you can get through your day without physical struggle, you should consider yourself pretty dang lucky. There are people who would do anything to be able to get up and move through their day as effortlessly as you do.

Don’t overlook all that your body does for you. How do you show it thanks everyday?

Prove to your body that you are thankful for it by treating it right.  Take advantage of your health by exercising daily and eating whole, nutritious foods, because you can. Get enough sleep and take time each day to destress to show your body some love, because it deserves it.

Next time you are dreading going to the gym, or deciding between a quick drive-thru run versus a nutritious home cooked meal, remember two things. 1.) There are plenty of people out there who would do anything to be able to exercise again, or have a kitchen to cook a meal in. 2.) Your body is made to move, and runs best off of whole, real foods. Show your body thanks each and every day by choosing the better options, you may be surprised how well it starts treating you back.

If you are ready to make a change and start showing your body some love, we would love to help you being your health and fitness journey. Book a free No Sweat Intro today.

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