Post Oshkosh Half Marathon

Sometimes you need someone to explain to you how to eat an elephant.  We have revamped and developed a new goal program for our members at CFO.  Every 90 days a member in the program will sit down with a goal coach and develop a personal plan of action (PPA).  These plans will cover everything from nutrition, life choices, weight management and progression of lifts and skills.  This hour session is totally free to our members, but there are a few things which need to be completed beforehand:

  1. Evaluate your current fitness and decide what you want to accomplish in the next 90 days, six months and year.
  2. Fill out the goal sheet one week prior to your meeting and email it to your coach. We need ample time to develop a PPA so the hour is spent talking about how you are going to accomplish your goals, not what your goals are.
  3. Stick to the developed plan. If you want to develop as an athlete or just drop a few pounds follow the prescribed PPA.  Goals without a strategy are just wishes.

Goal Sheet:

The purpose of this sheet is to develop a personal plan of action to obtain your desired results as a member of CrossFit Oshkosh.  Fill it out in detail as it will be the starting point for the development of your short and long term goals.  Make your goals objective based and not subjective based. For example:

  1. I want to perform a muscle up.
  2. I want to be better at gymnastics.

Goal 1 is a measurable and obtainable goal, but the second goal is vague and a lacks a completion point.  Objective goals are based in weight, movement, and time.

When the Goal sheet is complete, email it to Coach Ben or Coach Austin.  They will develop a PPA and set an appointment time with you to talk about the plan and how you are going to accomplish your goals.



Personal fitness is a journey and any journey without a destination is just wandering.  You give us the destination and we will give you the map and compass to get there. 

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