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As the holiday season approaches, it becomes the time to not only receive but to give.  At CrossFit Oshkosh we have decided to implement a program to accomplish this holiday custom.   Through one of our members we have found a family in need of our support during this season and have developed a program to assist them.


During the month of December all memberships will be $100, this means everyone can utilize the unlimited package for the price of a 2x a week membership!  How does this help the family?  Well, if one makes the choice to participate in the $100 unlimited membership you will be required to bring in a gift for one of the six children.  We are in the process of getting a list of ages, clothes sizes, and interests from the parent.  We will not accept cash or gift cards, only gifts for the children.  All gifts will need to be turned into CFO by the end of the first week of December, at which point we will donate them to the family.    This is an opportunity to help a family in need over the holidays, and in return you get a lower membership for the month.

*All discounts will be discontinued during this program, and regular prices will return in January

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