Success stories

You could be our next success story!

Karen Johnsen
- member since 2017

“I had finished my first marathon and realized I was injury prone because all I was doing was just cardio- just running. MaryAnn Saiyed was a member and she told me about it and I thought I would join for a couple of months to get stronger and it was fantastic. I kept working in the box while training for 2 more marathons, then started my journey of weightlifting and just did my first meet this year.

The reason I stay Is our community- we have so many fantastic people that attend and I look forward to seeing people at classes! It is so amazing and I was proud to have my daughter participate in the kids’ classes when she was younger and then into the regular classes! When I travel for work and have to workout in a gym on my own it isn’t much fun- I miss my Ardent family!”

Ardent Fitness + Education in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Tyler Jensen
- member since 2020

“I have played sports my whole life and training in groups was something that I became accustomed to. When I graduated college and my football career came to an end, I thought I would love being able to train however I wanted. However, after a few months of lifting in a commercial gym I found myself being bored and I lost the ability to push myself. I realized how much I missed working out in a group and competing with others. So with some google searches for “CrossFit gyms near me” I found Ardent. A few days later I was in my first class. Fast forward a year and a half later, I am very certain I found the community I was looking for. The coaches are so personable and knowledgeable. The members are all so welcoming and encouraging. The overall culture is all about hard work and a good time. I have found a group of people who push me to be better and brighten my day. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Ardent Fitness + Education in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Mary Ann Saiyed
- member since 2015

“I wanted to keep up with my kids athletically. Or at least try. Doing functional fitness helps with that. I also watched my parents’ health deteriorate from not being active and thought that functional fitness would be the best option for movement and bone density. The people are what keep me coming back. To workout with others and understand what we all went through together creates a bond. The community is supportive and encouraging whether you can do a muscle up or you are on the rings with ring rows. We cheer each other on, learn and improve together!”


Ben Cannon
- member since 2021

“Since I’ve joined the gym I’ve lost weight without having to worry about stepping on a scale. Everything is so much more efficient than going to the gym on my own. The coaches help me push myself in reaching my goals, the goal I just reached was getting into the 1000lb club in Squat, Bench, Deadlift. The whole community, both members and coaches are fun, vibrant, welcoming, and easy to make friends. The opens are a lot of fun for everyone.”