Meet the Ardent Fitness and Education testimonial volunteer of April. David! One of David’s many favorites to do is the Turkish Get-Up. He has seen the progress of growing higher weight and better form from Ardent Fitness and Education.

How long have you been a member for?

I have been an active member of Ardent Fitness and Education between 6 and 9 months now. When you get old your mind starts to lose track of dates, but I remember it was warm out when I started. Primary reason for I got back into the gym was the conditioning element of workouts. I was interested in improving overall fitness and losing weight.

What was the hardest part about starting?

Burpees! Really it is just the endurance factor of the workout. When you weight lift, you do a set then you recover, whereas these workouts you got to squeeze as much as you can in the time slot. Adjusting to the workload and conditioning aspect is also just as hard. Plus, your body can do a lot more than you mind thinks it can. Like it might suck for that last x amount of time, but you can still do it.

What has been your favorite aspect of Ardent?

The coaches are super supportive in meeting me where I am at and toning down the level of workout if needed. I like the people here, it forms a community that is supportive and also seeing progress. Progress as getting better at things and I enjoy getting better at things. When I first started I was terrible at some of the conditioning elements. However, seeing my improvement throughout these months are satisfying to me.

Tell us something we don’t know about you!

I am a hypnotist and I specialize in athletes. Athletes who want to be more peak performers, get over mental aspects, and building resources. I should be doing the same thing as I am telling these athletes, pushing myself and not being a hypocrite in what I say to these kids.

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