What’s Your “Why”?

Did you start CrossFit to lose weight? Meet new friends? Mix up your workout routine? Get back to doing something competitive? Whatever it may be, it’s important that you never forget why you started. We all have days where we feel like we aren’t progressing, we’re tired, or we’ve just lost all  motivation. These are […]

Sarah Schommer – “CrossFit Is Just What I Was Looking For”

What brought you to CrossFit Oshkosh? I was looking for something new to add to my fitness routine and thought that CrossFit might be just what I was looking for.  Your first impression of CrossFit Oshkosh? It was a little scary walking into the gym for the first time and seeing all of the equipment […]

How CrossFit Can Help Build Confidence In Young Girls

When you take risks and succeed, you build confidence. All too often, as girls start to get older, their confidence abandons them. The thought of taking a risk and failing is quite scary, so they would rather stay still and quiet. With no risks being taken, no confidence is being built. From ages 12-20 instead […]

Dannica Jefferson: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Through College with the Help of CrossFit

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.8″] Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey: I was a gymnast for about 11 years. After that it was hard to find a sport that challenged me as much as gymnastics did. I tried a lot of different sports, but none seemed to have the same effect What […]

Autumn Reiter: Training For Both The Physical & Mental Benefits

Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey: I had worked out with my trainer in Virginia for about two years, then we got orders to move back to this area. The move threw me out of my normal workout routine, I couldn’t find a trainer here, and I was working out by myself […]

Ali Tarr: From Skeptical to Devoted

Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey: Where to start… I have always been an active person with school sports and wanting to be outside doing things all the time. For 8 summers I would go away to a tripping camp for a minimum of 3 weeks at a time. I have […]

Change: The Method part 2

Change:  The Method part 2 Asking for what you need: Help We already know adaptation is part of who we are, but what happens when the change is so great we feel we cannot succeed?  If a person is in the process of change, either the initial thought or into the actual event, the change […]

Goal Achievement: A Process to Obtain Success

Goals: Sometimes you need someone to explain to you how to eat an elephant.  We have revamped and developed a new goal program for our members at CFO.  Every 90 days a member in the program will sit down with a goal coach and develop a personal plan of action (PPA).  These plans will cover […]

How to Eat an Elephant

  Defining goals is an important part of personal fitness at any level, whether an athlete wants a 400 lb+ back squat or wants to fit back into jeans he or she wore 10 years ago.  There are multiple variables, controllable or otherwise, which contribute to the success or failure of an individual and his […]