End 2015 by Preparing for 2016: New Year New You

2016 is upon us and with it comes the quintessential resolutions.  do you make the same resolution every year?  Tell yourself you are going to start using a gym membership you have been paying for, for three years?  To lose 10-100lbs?  To eat better?  To take better care of your body (you only have one)? This […]

Freshman 15: How to Stop it Before it Starts

Contrary to popular belief the “Dadbod” at 19 or 20 is not an appealing feature to possess.  I have yet to speak to a client or friend who had the goal of putting on 15, 20, or sometimes 30 pounds in a semester at school.  This is an unfortunate reality, however, that can be thwarted […]

Assist Local Students with Donations

Unfortunately, the end of summer is upon us and while this will bring us cooler days and a changing of the leaves, it will also bring the start of school.  Every year we take donations to help less fortunate children in the area.  Anyone can help and even a set of markers will go a […]