Rob Hackbarth: Feeling Better at 50 than 20, Thanks to CF!

Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey: Before CrossFit, I was what I would call functionally unfit.  I’ve been blessed with a fast metabolism, so I never had to worry about what or how much food I should eat.  An active family means we’re always on the go. I didn’t look out […]

How CrossFit Can Help Build Confidence In Young Girls

When you take risks and succeed, you build confidence. All too often, as girls start to get older, their confidence abandons them. The thought of taking a risk and failing is quite scary, so they would rather stay still and quiet. With no risks being taken, no confidence is being built. From ages 12-20 instead […]

Holiday Weight Gain and Stress: What Can You Do?

The holidays seem a distant thought until the day after Halloween, then they are thrust upon us whether we like them or not.  Inundated with Christmas music, turkey, stuffing, sweets, family, and the best part, stress.  Our bodies are in a relatively stable state 10.5 months then we are tossed into a fanatic state revolving around the […]

WODing for a Reason; #shoes4kids

The start of another month means a new cause for the CrossFit Oshkosh community to support, thanks to Sweat Angels, a service that was created to connect the CrossFit/fitness community to awesome causes. Sweat Angels makes it as simple as a check-in on Facebook for gym members to be able to take part in providing […]

Get Involved!

As CrossFit Oshkosh grows we understand our program must change to stay on top of an ever evolving industry.  We are constantly pursuing excellence in our program which leads to a quality of product which cannot be touched in the local area.  At CrossFit Oshkosh (CFO) we currently offer a Level 1 program, CrossFit, Yoga, […]