11698550_10207136435475106_3819544851811160203_n-300x400Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey:

I played soccer pretty much all year round from 4th grade until I graduated high school. Being that active and deciding not to play a sport in college, I was a little lost for awhile without a schedule or routine to follow. I tried keeping busy with lifting weights and running…I ran a marathon once, and once was enough. After I graduated college, I continued lifting and trained for random things (5ks, Tough Mudder), but nothing that kept me interested or got me in shape like I wanted.

What brought you to CrossFit Oshkosh?

After moving to Wisconsin about 2 years ago, I stopped working out. I was searching for a job, we were renting a place that we hated and looking for a house to buy, and I was completely unmotivated. I quickly became uncomfortable in my own body after not working out for almost the whole first year we were here and needed to do something. I searched for places to work out, found CrossFit Oshkosh, and joined the next week.

Your first impression of CrossFit Oshkosh?

I was super excited to join after meeting with Austin, then after one of my first one on one sessions I was able to join in on the WOD with the class, and it was wall balls and box jumps I believe. I think I second guessed my judgment at that point, but the motivation from everyone and that feeling of being completely dead but so excited that you finished that workout kept me coming back.

What has been your biggest hurdle since starting?

Besides learning all the new lifts and movements, patience. Listening to the coaches about lifts and understanding what I should do is different than actually taking the time to slow down and apply it to what I am trying to accomplish. Hitting big numbers doesn’t mean much when your form is terrible or you hurt yourself in the process. Sometimes frustration can get the best of me and it’s hard to remember that.

What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit?

One of the many reasons I love CrossFit is finding out how far you can push yourself, both mentally and physically.  With the encouragement of the coaches and everyone else around you it’s pretty amazing what you can accomplish. And of course all of the awesome people I have met, it’s great to start my days off with this group of people!

What are your current goals in CrossFit?

There are so many! String together toes to bar, strict handstand pushups, better mobility, snatch 100lbs, RX more workouts, try a competition, maybe get a muscle up some day. Basically, just continue to work hard and improve every day.

What is something we don’t know about you?

I’m a lab tech at a pediatrics clinic, and although drawing baby’s blood and running tests on it is an ok job, I think my true calling is being a stay at home dog mom. I ask my husband almost weekly if I can quit my job to stay at home with our fur babies. He’s a dream crusher.



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