It is what happened outside of the gym which made the difference for Gabe.  

Results NOT Guaranteed:

Results are what most gyms preach. “Results Guaranteed” is something we constantly hear from gyms. Well, we won’t guarantee your results and this could sound counterproductive to our mission, but work with me through this. You have 168 useable hours in a week and we want to see you for three to 5 hours, or about 2 to 3 percent of your week.

When you look at it from a numbers standpoint, that is very minimal time spent in the gym.  So, if results are not promised from three percent of your week, where are they going to come from?  They are going to come from the effort you put into what we tell you to do outside of the gym.  Inside the gym, in a controlled environment, you will do your work.  You will high five, sweat, laugh, and do things you never thought you were capable of doing.  That part is guaranteed. However, we only have you for three percent of your week, so what are you doing outside of the gym?

Five Questions To Ask Yourself:

Am I listening to my Coaches? Am I drinking enough water?  Am I getting enough sleep?  Am I hitting your macros based on your needs or at least eating healthy 90% of the time?  Am I doing something to destress my life?  This is where the REAL results will come from.  This is where you will make the big, and long-term changes.  Don’t get me wrong, what you do in the gym matters too.  How hard you work is going to be correlated with your results, but your results are going to be caused by what you do away from the gym.

We are here to help you through the other 97% of the week.  We have Coaches who care what happens outside of the gym.  We have nutrition accountability and that is why people see such great results in our Six Week Journey.  So, we are not results guaranteed, but we can set you up and help you have the best chance of success.  The results are there, if you want them.

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Our Purpose is to help members live their best life through fitness, nutrition, and education.  This also applies to non-members or potential members.  Your fitness level should never dictate your ability to live your life.






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