Can you read?

Literacy is an important part of everyday life.  Could you imagine not having the ability to read?  Much of our interaction derives through words.  Words in books, words on social media, and words on signs.  Now take the thought of not being able to read and put it in the realm of interacting physically with your environment.

Physical literacy is not just a catch phrase.  Physical literacy is something to consider from the start of life until the end of life.  You are constantly learning, reaching mile markers, and developing.  Unlike actual literacy, which usually progresses with age, our physical literacy tends to digress.

I would bet you had a perfect squat as a child.  I bet you were flexible and could move with ease interacting with your environment.  As you age, though, life happens.  You go to school, sit a lot, and become sedentary.  We want to improve your physical literacy.  We want you to interact with your environment.  We want you to go on that hike with your grandchildren or canoe the Boundary Waters with your friends  There shouldn’t be any reason (within your control) you cannot age gracefully and continue to be active well into your 70s, 80s, and 90s.

If you stop moving, you die.  So, instead of “Can you read?” I am going to say, “Can you live?”

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