2016 is upon us and with it comes the quintessential resolutions.  do you make the same resolution every year?  Tell yourself you are going to start using a gym membership you have been paying for, for three years?  To lose 10-100lbs?  To eat better?  To take better care of your body (you only have one)?

This year you can do something different. You can make a change in your life which will reverberate through everything you do.  You can gain confidence, strength, and reach a fitness level you may have thought unachievable before.  Join a gym where not showing up means someone will contact you to make sure everything is ok and there is a community of people to support you along your journey.

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We are doing a unique “New Year’s” greenhorn program starting January 6th.

How it works:

The class being taught progressions by Coach Justin
A class being taught progressions by Coach Justin

We will have a program at 7am and 7pm Monday and Wednesday starting January 6th and running through the 20th.  During these five classes we will teach you the fundamentals and mechanics of everything from a squat, to a press.  You will be exposed to CrossFit in an environment based on learning fundamentals and proper mechanics of movement.  Once the classes are completed, you will have a one month membership to CrossFit Oshkosh (included in the initial price).   The total price of this program is $149 which includes initial training and first your first month of membership a $270 value.

What if you want to do CrossFit but cannot make the times:

For the people who cannot make the specified times for this program, we have an individual package which offers the same product but on your time.  We will find time in your schedule to get your five sessions completed and your month membership started.  Email austin@crossfitoshkosh.com for more details.

What happens once the month is over?

Once your month is over you will be able to choose what membership works best for your fitness goals.  A coach will sit down with you and develop a personal action plan to achieve your desired results.

We do not do contracts, so you are under no obligation to continue your membership with us.

How to sign up:

We only have 12 spots in the AM and 12 10 spots in the PM program and once they are sold out the program will be closed to further enrollment.  Sign up is based on a first come, first serve basis, and the last time we did this the program sold out.  Contact us today to get involved!

To sign up email austin@crossfitoshkosh.com or fill out the form below.

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