It’s inevitable, every year when the clock strikes midnight and the ball falls in Times Square people bring out their juicers and dust off their gym membership cards, well after they tend to their New Year’s day hangovers, of course.

90% of "Resoluters" have resigned to not accomplishing goals set on Jan 1st.
90% of “Resoluters” have resigned to not accomplishing goals set on Jan 1.

The fact that a new year brings motivation to so many individuals to get in shape at the gym and start that diet they’ve been wanting to begin for months is undoubtedly great. Especially to see in a nation prone to preventable diseases caused by a not-so-active lifestyle and a fast food joint on every corner. But where does this motivation go once mid-February hits? What is creating the slump that people seem to face after so many weeks of “dieting” and working out on the daily?

Many are going about the healthy lifestyle change the completely wrong way. Depending on “fad diets” or “cleanses”, or relying on a specific number of calories per day, one that may be way to low to keep your energy levels up.  The only benefits of having a healthy lifestyle people are focusing on is being able to fit in that old pair of jeans, or losing 10 pounds by a planned spring break trip to the beach.

If you truly want 2016 to be the healthiest year of your life, is time to say goodbye to the fad diets and obsessively checking the number on the scale and say hello to a true, positive lifestyle change that will affect your life in so many more ways than just the number on the scale, which brings us to the Do’s  and Don’ts of New Year’s Resolutions.

Don’t: Depend on a 6 week fad diet or 3 day cleanse.

These will get you nowhere. Yes, you may look great in 6 weeks – but where do you go from there? Probably to the grocery store to stock up on your favorite junk foods that you have been depriving yourself of for the last two months.

Do: Make more conscious decisions about what you are eating and when you are eating it and stick to it for the long run.

It is important that you look at your diet in a positive way instead of negative. For example, instead of constantly thinking “I can’t have pizza” think, “I’m excited to eat chicken and broccoli for dinner tonight, because I know I will feel good about it after and it’s benefiting my body”. Instead of just changing your diet for 6 weeks, you need to be prepared to change your lifestyle for the long run. Drop soda and only drink water, meal prep on Sundays so you aren’t tempted to stop at the drive through during your lunch break. Remember, everything in moderation including moderation. Thinking of your New Year’s resolution as a lifestyle change instead of a fad diet will get you a much better outcome, physically and mentally!

Don’t: Give into multi-level marketing schemes like body wraps and meal replacement shakes.

First of all, these things are always WAY overpriced. Second, please tell me how a body wrap will give you any nutritional value to increase your quality of life! Bottom line, just don’t use these products, there’s more benefits to a healthy lifestyle than looking good and these products can not provide anything more than that.

Do: Eat lots of vegetables and proteins, nuts, fruit and little sugar.

In the “100 Words of CrossFit” it is stated you should “eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar”. Live by this statement. A good diet is important not only to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, but also your mood and quality of life. Plus, produce from your grocery store is a lot more friendly to your bank account than a $200 month’s supply of a crappy meal replacement shake.

Don’t: Make excuses to skip a workout.

Working out is important. Every time you workout you are improving yourself. Finding at least 30 minutes a day to get your blood pumping will keep your endorphins high and make you feel GREAT! Make working out a priority.

Do: Find a exercise that you love.

If you find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing, you will look forward to your daily workout instead of dreading it. Whether it is Zumba, running, olympic weightlifting or yoga, find something you enjoy doing! It will make a world’s difference.

So all in all, to make 2016 your best year yet, don’t fall into the gimmicks of multi-level marketing fitness programs and fad diets. Stick to a healthy diet full of lean meat and yummy vegetables, workout daily. If you are nice to your body, it will be nice to you back!

Article Written by: Mary Weider

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