Meet the Ardent Fitness and Education August of 2022 member of the month, Mike! He always finds a way to smile and we love having him in class. Here’s some questions we asked Mike regarding his experience at Ardent so far…

How long have you been a member for?

I’ve been with Ardent for almost 4 years (Oct 1).  I joined when my kids gave me a birthday gift of a month of PT and group lessons.  Damn kids.

What was the hardest part about starting?

Figuring what to do, how to do it, and what all the new words mean since I had not done any real gym, gymnastics, or weightlifting stuff before.  The coaches and many of the other members were great at helping with what was next, what it should look like, and how not to hurt myself.  Probably were feeling bad watching me fumble along.  Other than that, the hardest part was just getting up and off to class.

What has been your favorite aspect of Ardent?

Hanging out with all the people (yes, and even the coaches), and even though no one is keeping track, I like the feeling of accountability I get (something I never had had at other gyms).  

Tell us something we don’t know about you!

I could pretty easily spend my whole day putzing on cars in my garage and only come out for the gym, food, and beer (and Jeanne, of course).  And a car show or two.  And maybe some skeet shooting or hunting.

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