Weeks of squatting in the books.  Following a 7/13 template (week 2 is the worst) and working to 100% of your old personal best for two reps!  This cycle is not for the faint of heart or weak of mind.  Now it comes to an end and it is time to test your strength and your mettle.

The start of 7/13
The start of 7/13

Mettle too?  Yes.  If you have been involved with this cycle you have gained strength, but it also takes a mental fortitude to break down walls and push through moments of extreme duress (going for a maximum lift).  Not to sound like a motivational cliché, but you need to visualize your success.  Now you are mentally ready but how do you approach the maximal lift?

After the prescribed group warm-up we would highly suggest performing a comfortable bottom sit with the barbell in the back squat position (even when maxing out the front).  The purpose of this is to stretch out your hip flexors and prepare your body to hit your lifts with proper range of motion.  Make sure you do not slouch or lose your core while performing this movement.  Your body should remain in proper squat form during this warm-up movement.  If you are uncertain about how to perform this move or what weight to use ask the coach.

There are two fields of thought on approaching a maximal lift.  The “normal” volume approach and the “high” volume approach and it all depends on what YOU are comfortable with.  This will highlight both approaches and give you a template to follow.

Sit down and chart out how you are going to attack these lifts.  A good starting point is to make your “projected” 1RM five pounds over your previous personal best.  This is a starting point, once you hit that number you can adjust for your seventh and maybe 8th set.  On back squat day add a walkout before the 6th set at 10% over your projected 1RM, ask a coach to assist you in this task if you have never completed one before.


Set Reps Normal/% of projected 1RM Reps High/% of projected Rest
1 8/50 12/45 2 min
2 5/60 8/55 2 min
3 3/70 5/65 3 min
4 1/80 3/75 3 min
5 1/90 1/85 5 min
6 1/100 1/95 5-10 min
7 1/+2-5 1/102-105 5-10 min

You will see the fruits of your labor this week.  If this is the first time you have done anything of this nature be prepared for huge gains in both front and back squat.  If you have been with us for a long period of time gains can be expected, but probably not to the extent you had in the beginning.  This is a great way to start 2016 and will give you a baseline for the rest of your year.   #DBB and Get it!


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