CrossFit is a sport of mechanics above all else, and only through proper technique is one able to develop virtuosity in lifts. With this being said we will be offering a cycling program called Level 1, which will teach an individual the mechanics of everything we do at CFO. This program is a five class series covering squats, deadlifts, press, Olympic lifting 1, and Olympic lifting 2. After the completion of this program an individual will be ready to join the program and transfer the skill learned in Level 1.
Level 1 classes will be rotating on a schedule at 8:15am and 6:45pm Monday-Thursday. A motivated Athlete could finish the series in a week, or take up to a month to complete all five classes. Level 1 is an overview of CrossFit in a non-intrusive environment where a PVC pipe will take the place of a bar and weights. The focus will be on mechanics through the five classes with a workout at the end of each session to prepare an Athlete for the intensity of the regular program.

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