Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey:
Well, pushing 40 in a couple years, the journey definitely hasn’t been brief. I’m one of those people who have never been an athlete, I have no sport knowledge to fall back on, unless hacky sac in the 90’s and ultimate Frisbee throughout college count. I love biking and swimming (God forbid I have to put a swim suit on though). I’ve always been big, yet active. Last year though, I looked in the mirror, metaphorically speaking. I have a 5-year-old son who is very active. He started ski lessons at 3 years old and loved it. So, last year I said we’d take lessons together a couple times throughout the winter. Well, I went to put on the ski boots and they wouldn’t latch around my overweight calves…who knew they didn’t make plus size ski boots. I smiled and hugged him, saying he had a special lesson planned just for him and his instructor, sent him on his happy way to the hill, and crumbled inside. I’m not good at sitting on the sidelines and wanted to set a healthy example for my family, so I set a realistic goal of 50 lbs to lose in 2016, knowing I need to lose over 100 lbs. I found a trainer online who sent food and workout plans to follow.
What brought you to CrossFit Oshkosh?
I saw an ad for the New You challenge this past summer. I had hit a wall with my workouts. It was starting to feel too routine and summer was difficult for planning workouts around my work and family schedule. I thought this would be the kick in the ass I needed to keep me accountable.
Your first impression of CrossFit Oshkosh?
The New You class I signed up for started at 12:15. The regular class was at noon so they had already started. If you want me to be honest, I walked in, looked around, saw people I thought I could never keep up with, almost threw up, and almost walked out. I am ever thankful I didn’t.  Walking through the door was the most difficult part, once in and talking to these amazingly welcoming individuals, I realize everyone is on a journey. First impressions are a funny thing. I was intimidated and challenged at the same time.
What has been your biggest hurdle since starting?
Honestly, for me, it’s mental. After putting myself in a box for so many years, thinking I couldn’t do something because of my size, it’s wonderful to have a coach that challenges you and pushes you to do the things you don’t think you can. I didn’t reach a PR the other day and I was told, “That’s why it’s a goal”.  Something so difficult and easy to accept at the same time. I’m currently working through a weight block. I feel my clothes changing and see my measurements coming down, but my weight is stuck. I’m about 4-5 lbs from my year goal. Seeing fitness as more than a number on the scale is a mental hurdle that I work with constantly. 
What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit?
Yes. Can that be my answer? Yes.  It’s all my favorite. It is more than fitness, it’s a community. Cheering each other on, laughing together, challenging each other. I have never heard any negative body image talk, no one judges you if you squat the bar or 200 lbs.
What are your current goals in CrossFit?
My goal is to not settle. Specifically I’m working towards a 140 lb push press….I’m 2.5 lbs away!
What is something we don’t know about you?
I’m a fused glass artist/hobbyist. I lived in Australia for a year and climbed Uluru and the Sydney Harbor Bridge in a jump suit that made me feel like a Beastie Boy. Love to road trip with my family and hope to have bees sometime in the very near future.

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