Hunting is just around the corner and while all of us take time to sight in our firearms, clean our gear, and make sure we have all the supplies we need, how many of us make sure we are physically ready for the hunt? According to Mayo Clinic, “the excitement of seeing a deer can send a hunter’s heart rate soaring. This combined with the strenuous activity can put an unfit hunter at risk of a heart attack.”

Training for Wyoming
Picked up a tough GMU this year. There will be a lot of walking at elevation and hopefully a pack out. Did a mile with a 35lb pack and pulling 90lbs after my strength training.

At 38, I am not going to slow down my younger hunting party. We have three hunts we are training for this year: Wyoming antelope, Wisconsin deer, and intermittent upland game bird hunting. While each of these hunts are unique, a broad-spectrum training program can prepare you for anything you may encounter.

Most of us are not kids anymore, but we have been hunting since we were kids. In our youth, it was easy to plan and execute a hunt since we did not have to worry about heart health. We could just pack up and go. As we age this all changes.

If you have known risk factors such as, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes you need to be aware that this puts you at greater risk of having an episode while hunting. According to Dr. Good, a cardiologist from the University of Michigan, “Heart attacks are three times more likely to take a life than a gunshot injury.” This means, you need to be budgeting time and money into fitness and nutrition into your time before the season starts.

We offer a few different avenues to make sure you are ready to hunt this upcoming season. We have personal training, nutrition, and group classes. We also offer individual program design if you are taking part in a specific hunt you need to prepare for.

Don’t let your fitness level be the factor which holds you back from having the time of your life this fall.  Your personal fitness level should be just as, if not more important than, the zero on your rifle.

Side note: if you know you have high cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure, please get checked out by your physician before hunting season.  Also, never hunt alone!

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