Written by Austin Phillips, Eater of Elephants
Written by Austin Phillips, Eater of Elephants

Defining goals is an important part of personal fitness at any level, whether an athlete wants a 400 lb+ back squat or wants to fit back into jeans he or she wore 10 years ago.  There are multiple variables, controllable or otherwise, which contribute to the success or failure of an individual and his or her goals.  Addressing a few of the controllable aspects which can hinder success is a way for an athlete or goal coach to exponentially increase a person’s chance of success.

Spanning the Gap:

What is the gap?  The gap is the distance between where someone is now and where they want to be.

Scenario:  Allison currently snatches 95# but watched Regionals this year and has a goal of snatching 175#.

This is a common theme among CrossFit athletes.  Access to stats, competition, and even to the elite level of athletes makes them yearn for those big numbers, quicker benchmarks, and higher order skills.  Who are we as a coaches, mentors, friends, or otherwise to crush dreams before the person even has a chance to try?  Our job is to develop a plan to help someone move from point A, over a huge gap, to point B.  When one looks at Allison, her point A to B will not happen in the near future or possibly ever.  If she does not achieve this goal she may become overwhelmed and move on to another goal or fitness platform unless she has amazing resolve and fortitude.  So, how can we stop Allison from becoming overwhelmed and giving up?

85# separate Allison from her goal, almost an insurmountable number, but what if her goal was 100#? What if she instead set this 100# “micro goal” and 5# is now her B.  175#, while still an overall goal, is much further down the line!  On any given day an athlete can come in and hit +5 on a lift.  The “micro goal” format creates the possibility of goal attainment on a frequent basis, which keeps motivation high, and keeps Allison coming back for more.  Micro goals for the win!

By developing micro goals an athlete, coach, or mentor will have the ability to make progression a tangible aspect of everyday life, or the possibility of it.  Everyone wants to win in some way shape or form, either against themselves or other people.  By fueling this feeling through micro goals and winning more frequently, an athlete will stay closer to center and make more progress towards his or her overall end goal.

A goal should be something motivating which keeps an athlete inspired on the most basic level.  There is the rare form of athlete who can set huge goals and stay motivated to accomplish them but a majority of athletes just need a win to keep moving forward.  The best way to give them a win is to set up micro goals which will eventually develop into huge accomplishments.  It is the same way one would have to eat an elephant, one small bite at a time.

Goal development, workout tracking, and guidance is something we love to do at CrossFit Oshkosh.  If you feel your routine has plateaued or you are not getting the attention you need to excel email us at info@crossfitoshkosh.com or call 920-385-0315 and schedule an Introductory assessment or fill out the form below.

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