I remember when I first fell in love with fitness and what it could do for people. When I realized health and wellness would have a lasting impact on my life. We were “deployed” to Kuwait on a security mission in 2005. The gym became a place to get away, a place to socialize, and a place to let out frustration. Watching people transform over the course of a year was amazing. What contributed to their success? There was nothing else to do. Our mission was like a job, but we had nothing to do after work and the gym filled the void for a lot of us.

“No matter what your exercise or athletic ability is…” Health and wellness is not a “one size fits all” solution.

I watched people create a habit over the course of a year. A great and healthy habit which would obviously reverberate throughout their life, right? Wrong, I watched most individuals come home and return to their lives where there was no time for fitness. They ended up where they started, and sometimes worse off than before. I watched this happen again in 2009 in Iraq and 2011 in Afghanistan. This experience shaped what we stand for, what we do, and who we are as a gym.

Our baseline is our mission and purpose, but there is an underlying issue which reverberates just below the surface. An issue of which is negated in times where your freedom is taken from you, like deployments with the military or prison. A culture shift where exercise doesn’t become an obligation but an escape. A culture, where eating healthy, and getting enough sleep is not a weakness or frowned upon. A culture we try to emulate in regards to creating a program in which <2% of your week is spent in the gym. A program which emphasizes nutrition and a support system to help guide you to success. 

We are not an access gym; we are a coaching gym. We do not sell access, if this is what you are looking for shoot us an email and we will point you in the right direction. We have class times, we have coached classes, personal training, nutrition, and we have a community. We have a shared belief in which health and wellness are a priority. We have decided to give up <2% of our week and in return gain freedom in other aspects of our lives. We are passionate about what we do, hence the name Ardent, and we are changing people’s lives. 

No matter what your take on fitness is, what your preferred method is, one thing you can’t deny is that we are changing lives. This brings us to what we stand for. We stand for inclusivity in fitness. We think there is a program for everyone, and if we can’t meet your needs we will send you somewhere which can. We have societal issues, self image issues, obesity issues, and nutritional issues overflowing our lives. We have gyms who think this is a zero-sum game, but it is not. We have skewed priorities as a whole. While we can work with anyone, we are not going to be for everyone. 

 What we do is hard and your journey will be difficult. You may fail from time to time, but we will be there to help you get back on track. You can read about our clients success in their own words here. We truly believe we can help you, even if we do not know you…yet. For this reason, we will continue to persevere, even if it is not a popular movement (health and wellness.) Even if telling you that you could do better on your nutrition or make better choices during the weekend is not what you are looking to hear, we will tell you. We are not here to sugar coat your journey. If you do not see changes in six weeks of starting your journey, something was going on in the background. 

 We are not a free gym and this is not a quick challenge, we focus on your health and wellness. Our program starts YOUR journey, even if that journey branches off from us at some point. We feel we can help you find what lights your fire. We will help find what makes you put your health as a priority. I work out because I want to be active well into old age. I want to hunt, fish, and hike my way through my 80’s, if I am lucky enough to make it that long. I want to arm wrestle my grandkids, if I have any, and win. I do not want my later years to be stagnant because I didn’t put my health as a priority when I was younger. This is what we stand for and we want you to “Live Your Best Life.” We want you to find your why and let that be your motivation to show up for three to five hours a week. 

 Sign up for your free No Sweat Intro to speak with a coach. We will sit down and discuss our programs, how we can help you, and what your personalized journey will look like.  

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