Have a purpose behind your training…
Not only should we always remember why we started this crazy fitness journey, but we should also approach each week, each day, and each workout with a purpose or intent!
When we set goals for ourselves, it not only gives us something to focus on and some statistic to hold ourselves accountable for, but it makes it a lot harder for us to give up on ourselves mid-workout!
Imagine if you approached a workout that had running in it, and say you HATE running (like a good majority of us do!) and decided you were going to wing the workout, there’s probably a pretty good chance of you wanting to walk or slow down when the workout gets mildly uncomfortable.
BUT what if you approached it in a way of “I’m going to do all my 400m in under 2:20 today”, that, my friends, will push you to keep going, and fight the pain to run through it instead of walk, because you CAN do it!
Find something to be your parameter, something measurable, so you know what the intent is. You’ll work much harder to achieve those goals!
What are your goals?! Drop them in the comments below!
Need those parameters laid out for you? We can help! Talk to us about any of our programs and what we can do to help you achieve you goals!

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