Team "Lotion Buddies" with 2nd place finish
Team “Lotion Buddies” with 2nd place finish

Another Granite Games has come and gone and another group picture was forgotten about. Even though we left with no group photo, there is no question that this year’s Granite Games was one of the most successful yet for CrossFit Oshkosh.  For starters, CFO had the most teams this year than ever before competing in the Granite Games, almost a team in every division. CFO was represented in the women and men’s scaled divisions, men’s intermediate division, and women and men’s RX divisions. Not only did CFO have more teams this year, the improvement shown from athletes who competed last year was incredible. WOD’s that were unimaginable to complete for some athletes last year were completed quickly and efficiently during this year’s competition.

Tom, Coach Austin, and Jordan made up our Rx Male team “Swole-Mates”

After almost 700 miles traveled and 9 events completed, it is safe to say that it was a successful weekend for the 15 competitors competing from CrossFit Oshkosh. With months of training and working out in the books, each team had an event they totally kicked butt in. The women’s scaled team, Mary, Amanda, and Ali, took 3rd in the 1 rep max clean event with a total of 480 pounds lifted and a PR for Ali! The men’s intermediate team, Cal, Pauly(Matt), and Tony took third place in the last workout “Over the Hill” which included rowing, burpee box overs, and throwing a sandbag over your shoulder which the guys from this team made look easy. The women’s RX team, Heather, Nikki, and Molly, took first on the handstand walk event, and completed a 120-foot handstand walk in only 41 seconds. The men’s RX team, Coach Austin, Tom, and Jordan, had 7th place finishes in both the handstand walk, and “Waterfall” event which included axle bar over-head lunges, shoulder-to-overhead, and muscle ups. The boys stayed consistent all weekend and ended with an impressive 10th place finish. A special shout-out to the men’s scaled team, Joe, Coach Justin, and Tyler, who ended the weekend on the podium with a 2nd place finish out of 43 teams!

Team BABS celebrates post first workout
Team BABS celebrates post first workout

Competitions, especially the Granite Games, are possible for everyone and anyone to compete in with a little hard work put in. If you want to compete next year, but doubting yourself, talk to a coach and fill out a goal sheet and you will definitely feel confident and ready to compete in no time! The Granite Games is such a fun event, and the more CFO athletes there the better!
Also, a very special shout-out to our “box photographer” Robby Schroeder who took awesome shots of our athletes all weekend long!

Written by Mary Weider

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