CrossFit Kids is a great program that we offer for children ages 4-12. This program is meant to get kids moving, provide them with FUN, and teach them healthy habits. Rather than a sports specific activity, like soccer or basketball, CrossFit teaches kids general physical preparedness – and makes them good at as much as possible, rather than focusing on specific skills. Through CrossFit Kids, they will learn body awareness, how to control external loads, and so much more.

When you send your kids to our CrossFit Kids program- you’re not just sending them to any summer activity. We have goals in place that we want your child to achieve through our program, and we’re determined to make it happen!


Shaping Your Child’s Life

Through CrossFit, kids will find potential. The environment in the CrossFit box is encouraging, motivating and inspirational. When they are in such an environment 2 times a week, they catch on and learn by example. They create goals based around health and fitness without even realizing it. Exercising and fitness not only become fun for them, it becomes second nature, a habit. They are suddenly in a perfect position to live out a healthy lifestyle, never getting to a deconditioned phase, or having to worry about preventable diseases. They learn to love to move, as much as possible, everyday.

Defining Fitness as Fun

For both kids and adults, working out shouldn’t be thought of a as a chore or a punishment. When you have this mindset about it, the less likely you are to do it. We want to make fitness fun for kids, so they develop a positive relationship with it that they can keep through adulthood. To us, fitness equals play. It’s not always about the barbells and tough WODs!

Avoiding Health Issues & Creating a Positive Self Perception

Preventable diseases are a scary thing that, as a nation, we can’t seem to get away from. Even though they are, well, preventable. Kids should be educated on what these diseases are, and what they can do to avoid them. We want to make health and fitness your child’s normal. Through CrossFit, we have a goal that your child will create a positive self image. There is pressure from society to look a certain way – but our hopes is that CrossFit will teach them their main focus should not be on looks, but rather living out a healthy and happy life. We want them to focus more on what their body can do, rather than what it looks like.

Hone Life Skills

Through our CrossFit Kids program, your child won’t only learn how to squat, press, run and burpee – they will also important values and skills. They will learn not to quit- and gain the mental strength it takes to keep going when things get tough. They will learn the difference between winning and losing – and that there are benefits and life lessons that come from both. They will master hard-work, and get a grasp on how important it is to always stay motivated and positive. They will face new challenges and learn how to overcome them with no fear.