Contrary to popular belief the “Dadbod” at 19 or 20 is not an appealing feature to possess.  I have yet to speak to a client or friend who had the goal of putting on 15, 20, or sometimes 30 pounds in a semester at school.  This is an unfortunate reality, however, that can be thwarted by choices, accountability, and saying the word “no”.

Scroll to bottom to find out how to change your life
Scroll to bottom to find out how to change your life

When walking into the cafeteria, chow hall, restaurant, grocery store, or other eating establishment, one will be presented with a drove of choices.  Is it a bad idea to eat pizza at every other meal and wash it down with a large diet coke?  If you said “no,” I want you to look down at your hand, turn your palm towards your face, and slap yourself right in the mouth.  Now that we decided better, healthier choices are out there, we will discuss how to make those healthy choices.

Paleo, zone, dairy, no dairy, grains, no grains…there are a great deal of lifestyle choices when it comes to food, but which should you choose?  I am personally an advocate of a mostly paleo lifestyle, while following the zone diet, but that is because I have used it, seen it work, and know it works.  First and foremost you have to find something which works for you, which YOU will not have a problem sticking with.  A simple rule to follow is eat real food and not the processed sugar filled bullshit which you are inundated with on a daily basis.  If you are a notorious overeater (like me), get your food to go when you are in a cafeteria situation.  If you know you will eat and then want to go back up for more, take the opportunity for seconds out of the equation.  You work hard to develop a lifestyle which you want to adhere to, but accountability is the key to success.

Find a friend or group of people to keep you accountable.  The start of school is like the New Year at the Rec. Center.  Everyone is going to “do it” this year; stay in shape during school.  They are all going to go to the Rec, work hard, and not only strengthen their mind but body during the semester.  Then it happens. Two weeks into the school year the numbers attending the gym drastically change.  Everyone’s “too busy” to get the workout in, and “too much” is happening with school.

Frankly that excuse is BS. Anyone can find three to 5 hours a week to work on their body.  Your body is like your car.  With preventative maintenance (working out) it will last you much longer and be in better condition.  It is a hell of a lot more expensive to not do the routine maintenance and wait for the car to have a major issue before fixing it.  The difference between your body and a car is that if you run your car into the ground you can get a new one, but you cannot do that with your body.  You only get one body, treat it well or your quality of life will be drastically different when you get older.  This is where you learn to tell people “no”.

“No” seems to be a bad word when it comes to politeness.  But it isn’t, and you can say no to people.  If someone is asking you to go eat at a local pizza joint you can say no if it does not adhere to your current lifestyle choices. You could even suggest an alternative food establishment where you can each get something you want.  Learning to say no will save you from situations where you can’t make a healthy choice and give you the power to stick to a healthier lifestyle.  “No” is your ultimate defense against running your body into the ground and having to pick up the pieces as you age.  Ultimately, it takes less time to get fit and stay fit when you’re younger verses trying to achieve your past fitness level, when you are 30, 40, or 50, because you let yourself go.

If you are a student who has a problem with the accountability of fitness and/or diet, click HERE to read about our upcoming Intro for students.  The class is limited to 15 people and once it is full, it will be closed.

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