We were lucky enough to have Easton Corbin and his band drop in for a workout before their show at Country USA.  Dropping into CrossFit boxes is the norm for the band who is on the road a majority of the year.  According to Loren Ellis, the lead guitar player, he has dropped into over 100 boxes around the country.  Ellis then went on to say CrossFit Oshkosh, by far, had the best hand writing on the whiteboard that he had seen. Way to go, Coach Ben!

Loren, an avid CrossFitter, was ecstatic a box had finally opened in Oshkosh.  He plans on making it a regular stop when in the area, and already has a few on-going competitions with Coach Austin.  The great thing about CrossFit is it has the ability to bring together people from different cultures, lifestyles and experiences. We may not all be in a band that spends a majority of their time on the road, but we can still find common ground in our love of CrossFit and the ability to push ourselves to be better than the we were the day before.

Easton and crew indy and easton corbin

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