What brought to you CFO?

I’ll be honest… my husband! I was completely against CrossFit because I had heard some negative talk regarding it. He ended up seeing an ad on social media and convinced me to go and check it out with him. After our first on ramp class, I completely fell in love

Your first impression of CFO?

Our initial meeting was with Austin and not only did he invite us to a box potluck they were having that weekend, he also asked us if it was ok that he swore and I immediately knew we were in the right place. Since day one everyone has been welcoming and motivating!

What has been your biggest hurdle since starting CF?

I have had three big struggles: my mindset, my lungs and my extra long “giraffe” legs. I was a competitive dancer my entire life and competed in the Miss America system so competition definitely drives me, but I can also over think things and get down on myself. I had to learn very quickly that everyone is at a different chapter and are exactly where they are meant to be. I struggle with asthma and long femur bones (it’s weird that my doctor measured that…). Therefore, I do get quite frustrated when I literally can’t breath during a workout and anytime we have to squat since my giraffe legs have to work a little bit harder.

What is your favorite aspect of CF?

The people and getting the opportunity to improve mentally and physically every single class. I am so thankful to have such inspiring people from all facets of life around me. CrossFit has become my stress reliever and happy place and I feel pretty lucky to have that in my life!

What are your current goals in CF?

To get out of my head, complete some butterfly pull-ups, a muscle up, work on my squats and get under the fricken bar! (And so much more!!) 🙂


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