When you take risks and succeed, you build confidence. All too often, as girls start to get older, their confidence abandons them. The thought of taking a risk and failing is quite scary, so they would rather stay still and quiet. With no risks being taken, no confidence is being built. From ages 12-20 instead of trying, failing, and learning – girls are instead just living life by the book with feelings of self-doubt and apprehension.

It’s important to encourage girls to start taking risks and to learn from failure instead of being afraid of it. Failures followed by a push to keep going will build mental strength. In CrossFit boxes throughout the world, not only are people getting stronger physically, but also mentally. You can’t succeed in the gym if you aren’t willing to try new things, accept failure, and learn from it.

Which is why a CrossFit box is the perfect place for a young girl to go and discover her confidence. It is in the gym where she will realize failing is okay, and taking risks is scary – but necessary. She will be encouraged to be as strong and competitive as she wants. She will be pushed just as hard as the boys, and surrounded by a community of people who will support her when she tries something new.


At her local box, she will find a female role model who will teach her authenticity, to like herself for who she is, and appreciate her body for all it can do. She will learn that great things come from failure and perseverance, and that pushing through the hardest of challenges instead of giving up will always pay off.

With every new challenge she approaches, and every risk she takes, confidence will be built. These opportunities of hardships and overcoming challenges will be presented to her at the box quite often, if not daily.

She will walk in to her first day of CrossFit as a young girl, trying to follow social norms, trying to be accepted by everyone. Give her a few weeks, and watch her walk out of the box after a tough workout as a young girl who is unstoppable, not afraid, and proud of who she is. Who knows that she is strong, and can face any challenge she is presented with, constantly taking risks and creating new goals. Most importantly, she will be a role model for the next young and hesitant girl who walks into the gym looking to find her confidence.