Coach Collin preparing to lift in a meet held at CrossFit Green Bay
Coach Collin preparing to lift in a meet held at CrossFit Green Bay

Athletics played a major role in my life from early on. Starting when I was 3 years old, my mom signed me up for wrestling. Even though I only wrestled up until 3rd grade, it taught me many great life lessons that I have  carried on. From that point on hard work and dedication would play an integral role in my life. I also grew up playing baseball until high school where I transitioned over to track and field. I didn’t start playing football until 8th grade where I eventually developed my passion for strength and conditioning. Finally, I ended my athletic career competing in track and field at UW Oshkosh for 1 year and qualifying for Nationals in the 4x100m. My hobbies have always been based around sporting events and being in the outdoors. Relaxing in the country and working on my Grandpa’s farm is my ideal vacation that I love to enjoy whenever I get the time.

What brought you to CrossFit:
When my college athletic career ended, I went into bodybuilding type training. After only lifting weights in this fashion I became very deconditioned. Seeing the crossfit games on TV sparked my interest and made me pursue trying crossfit.

What is your favorite aspect to CrossFit:
I love the determination and dedication people have in crossfit and how it carries over into all aspects of their lives.

-D3 Track and Field national qualifier.
-Broke the 85kg state snatch record that held for about 2 weeks :p
-85kg State champion at Badger State Games and Wisconsin Open
-Placed top 10 in 200m at D2 State track and field

Something we don’t know about you:
I was the 3 time reigning champion in the Seymour Ketchup Slide. Worms are gifted at sliding on slip and slides, and I hold the current world record at 235ft.


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