Change:  The Method part 2

Asking for what you need: Help

We already know adaptation is part of who we are, but what happens when the change is so great we feel we cannot succeed?  If a person is in the process of change, either the initial thought or into the actual event, the change can seem insurmountable.  A moment of clarity in this should be knowing he or she is not alone.

Guess what?  You are not a snow flake (this was stated in a conversation this morning and stuck with me).  What I mean by that is someone out there has dealt with whatever it is you are going through.  Someone can empathize with everything you are feeling right now.  Someone has been debilitated with an even greater challenge.  But that is all beside the point; change is a part of life.  If a person wants to change, there is a reason and acknowledging that this is the first step.  Frankly, the reason for change is irrelevant, knowing one needs to change is the lock and finding someone to lean on is the key.  Ask for help.

People want to help.  I firmly believe, even in the age of selfies, that there is an innate goodness in man and a willingness to help.  People want to help other people and sometimes all a person needs to do is ask.  An example of change gone wrong is the fitness ‘New Year Resolution’ crowd.  With the best of intentions, these resolutioners attack the gym with reckless abandon.  In the end, they often only make it a short time and then fall back into old habits.  It is not because they lack the motivation, but they lack the knowledge, and support of a group to be successful.

This last portion is what brings people into CrossFit.  Every box is a support group and I promise there is at least one person which can empathize with what you are feeling.  The coaches are there to guide and implement workouts, while the other members are there to lean on when things get rough.  Everything a person needs to be successful is provided here, but sometimes they need to take the initial step and ask.  Changing habits is tough in any realm, but if a person refuses to ask for help than they may be missing the one thing which can make the change a success and not just another attempt.


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