Change: The Method

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change socratesChange is something which can cause anxiety and emotional torment.  CrossFit Oshkosh (CFO) has eclipsed three years in the community and a major barrier people have to fitness is…change!  A person can show up three to 5 times a week, for an hour each time, but this is the easy part.  Everything is done for you: the warm up, strength, skill, and conditioning.  It is what you do with the other 163 hours in your week (which are not at our facility) that becomes the tough part.

Nutrition is the biggest contributing factor to an overall healthy lifestyle.  From my personal observation, your diet will play a larger role in your success than the few hours a week we get to see your smiling faces!  It is your adaptation to a “healthier” lifestyle which will generate a new you or, unfortunately, cause you to be unsuccessful.

Our nature is to adapt.  One can look back at history and see the amazing adaptations made by humans to overcome unsurmountable odds.  Necessity spurs all change and now, more than ever, we live in an age where change is required (in regards to health).  It is not just a change in one’s activity level which is needed, however.  Walking around and capturing creatures on a phone will, at the least, cause someone to move but if one is doing this while in route to his or her favorite fast food establishment, it is a moot point.

I have had the pleasure of watching the transformation of many people in multiple scenarios.  People who felt they were being crushed by insurmountable odds but through perseverance they overcame those odds and completely overhauled their lifestyle.  One takeaway from this experience is it is never easy.  There are always bumps in the road, but it is how a person adapts and navigates these obstacles which will contribute to or hinder his or her success.  Sometimes all a person needs to do is ask for help, which I will discuss in the next installment of “Change:  The Method.”


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