270-testHave you noticed the futuristic piece of equipment, which has recently arrived at the gym, and wondered what it could be?  This is our new Inbody analysis tool.  This innovative machine has many capabilities, which include an accurate measurement on:  weight, total body water, dry lean mass, lean body mass, body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, body mass index, percent body fat, segmental lean analysis, and basal metabolic rate.

These numbers will help us assess the progress of an athlete and allow us to focus more on the changes to an athletes body composition, compared to just a number on the scale.  This tool is open to members and non-members alike.

Single Scan Three Scan Package
Member $25 $65
Non-Member $30 $75


*This fantastic tool is included in our personalized nutrition program, at no extra cost.

For more details or to set up your first scan, please email info@crossfitoshkosh.com.


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