Physical Literacy

Can you read? Literacy is an important part of everyday life.  Could you imagine not having the ability to read?  Much of our interaction derives through words.  Words in books, words on social media, and words on signs.  Now take the thought of not being able to read...

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Vulnerability and Fear

In the very basic form, what we do is help people overcome their fear and vulnerability.  We, as a people, are not born to “walk alone” and this is a reason so many of our clients are successful.  They are not alone, they have support from Coaches and other members. ...

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The Hollow Position: Are You Doing It Right?

The hollow position. This position can be very easy to “half-ass”. Many people tend to think they are in a solid hollow position, but if you are able to have a full conversation, or hold for minutes on end, you are most likely not in the correct position, and...

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5 Tips For Getting Through The Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner (literally, Thanksgiving is this week!), and if you’ve been crushing your diet lately, you might be stressing about what’s going to happen the day of the big feast. Have no fear, just read our 5 tips for getting through the...

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This Thanksgiving, Show Gratitude Towards Your Health

Thanksgiving is one week away, and before we shove our faces with turkey, stuffing, and pie, we take time to reflect on what we are incredibly thankful for in our lives. Usually, we list off our loved ones, our homes, our careers, maybe a fun trip we were able to go...

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What’s Your “Why”?

Did you start CrossFit to lose weight? Meet new friends? Mix up your workout routine? Get back to doing something competitive? Whatever it may be, it's important that you never forget why you started. We all have days where we feel like we aren't progressing, we're...

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Strengthening Your Glutes To Prevent Pains

"But I do all these squatting motions: wall balls, thrusters, squat cleans, etc.!" You may think you are building strong gluteal muscles, but many CrossFitters end up being more quad dominant. This can lead to some problems if you aren't stretching and activating your...

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Jordan Pennings: Dropping Barbells (& Daily Random Facts)

Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey: I had taken a pretty lax approach towards working out and eating healthy throughout college, so when I graduated I started just casually running since it was easy and simple, and I was doing...

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Our Goals For Your Children – Through CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is a great program that we offer for children ages 4-12. This program is meant to get kids moving, provide them with FUN, and teach them healthy habits. Rather than a sports specific activity, like soccer or basketball, CrossFit teaches kids general...

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Tips & Tricks For Taking On “MURPH”

MURPH 1 mile run - 100 pull ups - 200 push ups - 300 air squats - 1 mile run This is the workout we do every year on Memorial Day to honor our Military, fallen service members and Michael Murphy (whom the workout was named after), a Navy SEAL who was killed in action...

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Three Reasons You Should Do ROMWOD

We absolutely understand that rest days are used to sleep in, or to not worry about rushing to the box right after work - but your body might thank you if you make the time to come to the box on Thursdays at either 5:30 am or 5:00 pm and stretch it out with us during...

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