Testimonial From David Ruby

How long have you been a member for? I have been an active member of Ardent Fitness and Education between 6 and 9 months now. When you get old your mind starts to lose track of dates, but I remember it was warm out when I started. Primary reason for I got back into the […]

Member of the Month – Mike

How long have you been a member for? I’ve been with Ardent for almost 4 years (Oct 1).  I joined when my kids gave me a birthday gift of a month of PT and group lessons.  Damn kids. What was the hardest part about starting? Figuring what to do, how to do it, and what […]

RX, Scaled, and Mental Toughness

When it comes to moving from scaled to RX, unfortunately, there is not a lightbulb-moment that tells you that you are ready for the next level. Deciding whether you want to tackle that RX weight, resist long resting intervals, or attempt double-unders for the whole workout is ultimately up to you. At Ardent, our coaches […]

Physical Literacy

Can you read? Literacy is an important part of everyday life.  Could you imagine not having the ability to read?  Much of our interaction derives through words.  Words in books, words on social media, and words on signs.  Now take the thought of not being able to read and put it in the realm of […]

Preparing for Competition Day

Competitions are super fun and super exciting, but to make sure you feel and perform your best the day of, it’s crucial to be prepared and use the week leading up to the big day to fuel and recover. Pre-Competition Training Week How you train the week leading up to competition is important and shouldn’t […]

Health and Wellness Despite Yourself

Our program starts YOUR journey, even if that journey branches off from us at some point. We feel we can help you find what lights your fire. We will help find what makes you put your health as a priority.

Exercising Your Mental Muscles

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my 6 years of CrossFit, it’s that mindset does absolutely matter. This is something I’ve greatly struggled with, but strive to improve with every workout. Whether it’s wanting to give up during a hard workout, getting upset when you miss a lift, or leaving the gym feeling frustrated […]

Vulnerability and Fear

In the very basic form, what we do is help people overcome their fear and vulnerability.  We, as a people, are not born to “walk alone” and this is a reason so many of our clients are successful.  They are not alone, they have support from Coaches and other members.  The premise of this post […]

A CrossFitter Vegan: What Do You Talk About First?

First I want to say, this is a 100% opinion piece based on subjective feelings and thoughts. If you’re looking for fodder to either support or thrash veganism or CrossFit, you’re in the wrong place. Next I want to tell the story about why I am toying with veganism, how it has impacted me in only two weeks, and how I plan to move forward.