Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey:
Contrary to a lot of other members, I did not grow up an athlete (Seriously. I cannot make a ball go the direction I intend to save my life). I really found that I enjoyed fitness in my early twenties through running & a few group workouts/boot camps that I was in. Fast forward a few years later – I fell out of my fitness routine, I was going out a lot and not eating well. It all was catching up to me and I eventually felt terrible and admittedly, was really self-conscious about how I looked. I tried a couple different fitness routines & memberships, but none of them did much for me. I didn’t know my way around a weight room and I enjoyed working out with others, so it was hard to stay motivated.

What brought you to CrossFit Oshkosh?
I was always curious about CrossFit because of the overall intensity and “badassery” surrounding it. When looking into finding a different fitness routine, I knew that I wanted to learn more about weightlifting as well as be a part of a group workout again. I also wanted to meet new people & surround myself around those with healthier lifestyles. CrossFit & the community here checked all those boxes.

Your first impression of CrossFit Oshkosh?
MORTIFIED. People were letting barbells slam on the ground and others were “flailing” on the rig doing some kind of pull-up that I’ve never seen before in my life (pretty sure they were C2Bs lol). I also remember seeing Mary flipping the tire outside and I thought she was the most badass chick ever. I recall thinking to myself, “So if I stay here long enough, I can do something like THAT?”.

What has been your biggest hurdle since starting?
Heavy barbells and Olympic lifts, for sure. Unlike many of my fellow CrossFitters, I am such weenie when it comes to heavy lifts. I complain about cardio, of course, but I’m way more in my element.

What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit?
The community here always deserves a shout out. It’s so cool to be a part of a community that has fun & supports each other’s goals, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. My favorite aspect of CF though would be the balance it’s brought to my life. It’s exactly what I needed to keep myself on track & living the healthier lifestyle I was wanting for myself.

What are your current goals in CrossFit?
Get better at Olympic lifts. I’m also trying to learn how to pace myself & control my breathing through movements like T2B and Double Unders. I can do them straight out the gate, but mid-WOD I have a hard time keeping up with the movement.

What is something we don’t know about you?
Hard question – I’m a pretty open book. I guess for those that don’t know, I have a younger brother with autism. Between the two of us, he is definitely the cooler sibling!

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