What brought you to CrossFit Oshkosh?
Les Mills always played an active role in my fitness routine, but I was looking for a new challenge!

Your first impression of CrossFit Oshkosh?
It was intimidating at first – but the coaches and CrossFit community were very welcoming.

What has been your biggest hurdle since starting?
Proper form and technique slowed progress at first. Realizing this, I enrolled in Level 1 Barbell class CFO was offering, and I could immediately see the changes by getting one-on-one time with the coaches!

What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit?
Checking my Fit-bit for those peak minutes after a tough WOD; “Embrace the Suck!” I am also very proud to say that I am a CrossFitter!

What are your current goals in CrossFit? 
Improving on proper form and technique. Also, getting over my new fear of box jumps after taking a nasty digger, I used to love them!

What is something we don’t know about you?
As busy as I am with my family, work, and fitness; I love being home. And I’ve never cut the grass!

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