Ali Tarr
Head Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, USAW Sports Performance 

I have always been active. When I was a kid I was always the girl playing football in her dress and leggings with all the boys in the neighborhood. I played some sports in middle school and high school, but most of my fitness journey started at a tripping camp. For 8 summers, starting the summer after 5th grade, I attended Camp Manito-wish where we would go on canoeing, kayaking, or backpacking trips. As you got older the longer your trips became (my longest was 24 days in the Beartooth mountain range in MT!) I think those trips really brought me to fitness because I got to see what my body was actually capable of from such a young age! Fitness from then on took on new forms of weightlifting and running where I completed a few half marathons and a full marathon! A friend introduced me to CrossFit in February 2015, and I knew after week 1 this was something for me! 


Bachelors Business Administration UW Oshkosh

CrossFit Level 1
USAW Sports Performance Coach
HSN Nutrition Coach
FMT Blades IASTM Certification
CrossFit Anatomy

Favorite Workout:
10 rounds for time
9 thrusters
35 double unders

Least Favorite Workout:
Anything with gymnastics 😂

Biggest Fitness Hurdle:
Gymnastics! I feel I normally have a pretty good mental game, but any gymnastics moves really challenge my self confidence!

Things people may not know:
I was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha in college! Most people have their stereotype of sorority girls and I guess I don’t fit the mold.. because most don’t believe me!

Dig a Bit Deeper:
Like I said before I found out at a young age how cool it was to push your limits, but more of the reason fitness stuck with me, and why I want to help people better themselves, is because of my mom! When my mom was in her mid 30’s she was diagnosed with a type of leukemia. She went through two bone marrow transplants in 2.5 years, went through remission, and went on to beat it! Unfortunately her battle wasn’t over, she continues to live with Graph vs Host Disease, broke a hip, had a heart attack, and suffered a stroke. This normally would knock people to the curb, but her will power and fight continues to motivate me to prevent any health problems I can! Everyone has such a great opportunity to control their own health and I love working with the people who have as much fight as my mom (competitive or not!)