The holidays are right around the corner (literally, Thanksgiving is this week!), and if you’ve been crushing your diet lately, you might be stressing about what’s going to happen the day of the big feast. Have no fear, just read our 5 tips for getting through the holidays. Whether you’re worried about restricting yourself from eating anything delicious, or eating too many treats you feel like you’re going to explode, follow these 5 tips to get through the holidays without feeling completely miserable.

  1. Volunteer to bring a dish
    By bringing your own dish (or 2) to the party, you can make sure there will be something healthy available for you to eat. Get creative with seasonal ingredients or recreate a classic holiday dish without all the added junk.
  2. Load your plate with protein and veggies
    Instead of filling 3/4ths of your plate with mashed potatoes and gravy, pile the veggies and turkey on! By doing this you can make sure you are still getting an adequate amount of protein in for the day, and also fueling your body with micronutrients from the veggies.
  3. Drink water
    Don’t forget that hydration still counts on holidays! Be prepared and bring your own water bottle so you don’t forget to sip throughout the day. Although your diet may be a little off for the day, you’re water intake doesn’t have to be! Your body will thank you if you manage to stay hydrated.
  4. Enjoy yourself
    There’s nothing more important than time spent with friends and family, so don’t waste the day worrying about your caloric intake instead of enjoying yourself with the ones you love. A little gravy and one piece of your favorite pie isn’t going to kill you.
  5. Get over it, and get back on track
    Although you should enjoy yourself, it’s also important to remember that Thanksgiving is just one day. Get back on track and don’t let the Holiday treats roll into the weekend too much, or you’ll be feeling extra sluggish on Monday. Try to eat as normal as possible on both the days leading up to and following Thanksgiving. Your consistency throughout the year matters way more than what you do one year of the day!

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