We all know that eating whole, nutritious foods is a major part to living out a healthy lifestyle. Us CrossFitters know that keeping our diet clean is also key to helping our performance improve, and maybe someday having a body that somewhat resembles our favorite pro-CrossFitter’s physique.

But there are so many other benefits to a good diet that you should know about. More benefits = more motivation to keep it clean and wholesome.

1.)    Improve Performance in the Gym

Like we stated above, most of you are probably already aware of this. But if you weren’t – eating real, whole foods can greatly improve your physical abilities.  Maintaining a good diet is key to keeping energy up in the gym, and consuming whole foods is the token to optimal performance!

2.)    Keep Skin Clear and Healthy

Believe it or not, healthy eating greatly benefits your skin. Even with all of the skin care products available today, experts say that healthy, clear skin starts with a good diet. Unlike processed foods, whole foods have vitamins and minerals that your body uses to build and maintain healthy skin.

3.)    May Help Prevent Over Eating

 Sugars and flavorings in processed foods have been found to be linked to over eating.  Whole foods have natural sugars and flavors that won’t drive you to over eat.

4.)    Can Reduce Disease Risk

 When you eat whole, unprocessed foods, the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome greatly decrease.  Including a high intake of fruits and veggies into your diet have been linked to a decreased risk of Cancer.

5.)    Put You in a Good Mood

Studies have shown that those who eat mainly whole foods are less likely to be diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. Whole foods also keep the brain healthy, help prevent stress, and improve overall mood.


If the only benefits you may have been aware of from eating a clean diet were a lean physique and/or optimal physical performance, and weren’t enough motivation for you to set down that processed snack and grab an apple – we hope this post has helped you open your eyes to all the wonderful benefits of clean, wholesome eating.