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Get in on the ground floor of a NEW gym in Oshkosh.  From now until April 10th we will be offering our Founder’s Club to the first 31 new clients.  We will be closing applications for this club at the end of our Grand Opening celebration.

What is Founder’s Club?  When you sign up for our beginners program you will know you were in on the ground floor of the new gym!  You will also receive two free personal training sessions ($140 value) and a nutritional development plan ($50 value) to be used within your first twelve months of membership.  We are opening this up to the first 31 members who sign up for our initial training.  For more information fill out the form below.



Invoking Change: Fit It Forward

DSC_3744This morning I was sitting in church (I am a holiday kind of guy), and it just so happens the sermon was in regards to transformation.  The second the word was said, my mind began to wander and develop ideas for this post.  I had thoughts of all the great transformations I have seen since we affiliated on the third of May in 2013, but then it turned to short comings.

While this auspicious verbiage spurred a volley of names, faces, and feelings, most of which were amazing, it also made me think of the short comings.  The people I failed to reach, and the lives which could have found more joy and more fulfillment.  In this moment of revelation, I felt an odd congress with the Pastor. I bet he has the same moments when it comes to his congregation.  The lives he has tried to change and a long list of failed attempts.  The failings in a fight to move up the rankings and into someone’s “third place”.

The concept of a “third place” has been around for some time.  If a person’s first place is home, and second is work, than the third place pays an important role in their lives as The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg, states.  While we do not fit the entirety of the requirements to be a third place, the gym can fill the role.  I have watched the gym become a social anchor, a place where one can depend on.  It is neutral ground, where everyone is treated the same no matter socioeconomic standing or title.  First names are the norm, but nicknames tend to be developed.  In this aspect I feel we end up being in a battle with other potential third places for a spot on the podium.

Once one decides to make it official, concluding that this is my third place, so much more happens for them in a short amount of time.  An entire new social world opens up, with people who take their health “seriously”, but still have fun.  This creates a support network of individuals to raise you in your triumphs and to pull you up quickly in your defeats.  Access to a caring network of individuals is what makes this gym “third place” worthy.  How can we show you this concept?  The gym can be a scary place, full of failure and undesirable experiences. So the question is, how can we counter act that?

Education and a few well-placed kind acts is a way to do this.  With this idea in mind, we give you “Fit it Forward.”  Daily, people who have already made us their third place, will be spreading the joy of wellness and gratitude.  If you know someone who is a member, I would keep them close this week because it could benefit you greatly.  We will be spreading the love of our third place, through the community, with random acts of kindness and knowledge of health. Our plan is to invoke you with a symbol of our philosophy. You may see this adorn the social media of our third place, or maybe on your friend’s social media.  You can question it and be curious about it, but in the end, maybe you will embrace it, and we will welcome you with open arms.



Confidence: The Art of Reducing Failure In Regards To Exercise

picDo you live in a state of being certain? A mental state where what you have to offer any given situation will result in success? Are you in a place where, no matter where you go or what you do your head is held high, you look people in the eye, and you shake hands with confidence? If so, maybe you can disregard this post. If not then maybe you should continue reading.

I feel that everyone, at some point in their life, lacks the confidence needed in a given situation. While this post will dive more into the confidence, in regards to physical ability, which alone will have a direct reflection on ones confidence in respect to a person’s mental state. Since this blog is in relation to CrossFit, being someone who does CrossFit and makes a living around CrossFit, let us discuss gym confidence.

Have you ever walked into a gym and immediately regretted the decision? You see the person on the treadmill running for, what seems like, ever. Then you see the big guy, veins rippling from every where to include his ears. Finally, there’s the person in the corner doing odd movements you have never seen. You immediately get a sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach, but you made it through the door so you soldier on and knock out a few super sets then quickly make your exit. This is due to lack of confidence, lack of knowledge, and lack of direction. All of these factors can contribute to failure but there are ways to mitigate and possibly alleviate these triggers. First,  the results depend on what you do next.

Maybe you pushed passed your first and made it a few weeks just to abandon another workout routine, maybe you didn’t come back but the gym is still charging you for a membership. Either way you ARE worse for the wear. You have developed a mental road block which connects the gym to a bad experience and will stop you from reaching your goals physically, which will then cause your health to fade faster over the remaining years of your life which brings me to my second point, fitness as an investment.

You need to start looking at fitness like an investment. We are told to invest our money so we can retire and live a happier life in our “golden” years. Well, funny story, how happy are you going to be in assisted living or deceased before your time due to poor health? The first step to changing your life is changing your view point. Every day we are inundated with mass amounts of marketing telling us how easy and quick these changes happen, but they are wrong. Change is hard, change takes time, and change takes grit. Not a magic shake which can also “make you money” when you sell it to your friends. Change alone can be daunting, but with a group of like-minded individuals it becomes easy and fun…and in comes CrossFit (at this point I want you to imagine the kool-aid man bursting through a wall but wearing a CrossFit shirt.)

We make you strong, not just physically but mentally. You will end up outside of your comfort zone and work in an area which you may have avoided your entire life. You will find the ability to function in a zone of discomfort for short periods of time and the ability to endure life in this zone more and more. This is where all of the magic happens in fitness and in the real world. No one is applauded for his or her ability to live life in a zone of comfort, but one’s ability to operate under pressure is a commendable attribute. This zone creates a point of empathy with your fellow man. It is comparable to the comradery built in the military or on a sports team.

One of the greatest things about CrossFit is that every single person in the gym has been in your shoes. They know what it feels like to walk through those doors for the first time, to wonder what the hell an AMRAP is, and how the initial lack of confidence feels. This fact alone contributes to a higher success rate in a group fitness environment. You have people who genuinely care about your well-being, encouraging you along the way. People are not staring into mirrors with their headphones on ignoring your struggles, they are there with you, engaged in your success, and raising you up in your failures.

Your fitness is an investment in your future, so why not surround yourself with people who look at it the same way? When you feel better about yourself, you will be more confident and this alone will carry over into all aspects of your life. Obviously, I want you to try CrossFit, anywhere, not just at CrossFit Oshkosh, but more so I want you to have confidence in everything you do. This will lead to a happier view point, and it doesn’t hurt knowing you have better form and can lift way more than that person running on a treadmill for long periods of time, and it only takes you one trip from the car with your groceries.

The first step to building your confidence is signing up to try something new. So take the leap. Go to our scheduler, and book your “No Sweat Intro”. Maybe you love what you see and you sign up right there, maybe you do not, but at least you can say you tried.

The beauty of what we do every day, is watching someone come out of their cocoon. Sometimes it just takes a few classes but other times it may take a few months. But eventually you will see the power of someone gaining confidence. Gaining the ability to say, “I can handle this situation.” Take your health back, it belongs to you. Embrace your shortfalls and live the life you deserve.


Client Stories

Dylan Ehlke: Group Fitness=Motivation

Dylan-300x169Brief personal history and journey towards beginning your CrossFit journey:

I have always been involved in sports throughout my life.  I’ve played basketball, baseball, and football, and my life revolved around those sports. I can remember back in my grade school days during basketball season. I would at times have to practice twice a night for both my school team and traveling team.  Then on the weekends, I would have to play seven to eight games in a three-day span.  Basically, fitness has always been a part of my life.  I have always been a competitive person, but after high school I somewhat lost that and have been trying to find that edge again.  When college began, I routinely worked out with a friend in Platteville but then when I transferred here to Oshkosh I didn’t really know anybody and had no one to work out with.  I eventually found someone later my sophomore year and that lasted the rest of the year.  Come my junior year our schedules didn’t match up, so I began working out by myself.  For me, working out has always been a place for me to get my mind off of whatever is going on in my life, whether it be with school, friends, or family.  For that one or two hours working out has always been my “Happy Place,” as some might call it.

What brought you to CrossFit Oshkosh?

I was actually thinking about joining CrossFit last year at the beginning of the school year.  Throughout the year, I kept it in my mind but never decided to give it a shot.  Then this past summer came and a lot of things came together that sparked my enrollment in CrossFit.  Most of which was that I didn’t want to work out by myself anymore, and I also wanted new and difficult challenges.  So I decided to go check out CrossFit and messaged them on their website.  Austin called me while I happened to be at the workout facility at Oshkosh.  Later that day, I went down to the gym and honestly had no idea what to expect.  I instantly liked the atmosphere, the people seemed nice, and the coach (Austin) seemed like a really good guy (I didn’t have the chance to meet Ben the other coach yet).  This seemed like something I was going to like, because it is competitive, which I missed dearly because of my competitive nature.

Your first impression of CrossFit Oshkosh?

As I mentioned before, both coaches are not just great coaches but also great people in general.  I really enjoyed the one-on-one classes at the beginning due to the complexity of some of the lifts.  I do remember thinking to myself at the end of the one-on-one period of how difficult some of the WOD’s might be but thankfully, they turned out to be more fun than painful (most of the time).

What has been your biggest hurdle since starting?

I would have to say my biggest hurdle since starting has been learning the snatch and the double under. I honestly get so frustrated when I see these things come up on Wodify, but the only way to get better at something is to keep on doing it over and over again.  Another hurdle would be just pushing myself through the WOD instead of taking breaks throughout and reminding myself that your body can endure so much more than what you think you can do.

What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit?

I believe squatting, Saturday workouts, and the people are my favorite aspects of CrossFit.  For one, I don’t think I have ever squatted this much in my life especially during the squat cycle we just had, but it helped me improve my squat back to where it was in high school.  I love Saturday partner workouts. They seem to be the hardest because it is the end of the week and everyone is just as sore as you are.   Listening to Jock Jams throughout the workout definitely makes it better.  I have met some amazing people there — they are all so nice and encouraging. It is definitely nice to start out your day with them.

What are your current goals in CrossFit?

  • Getting better at the double under
  • Be able to snatch some weight
  • Do a couple of competitions throughout the year
  • Squat 400 and front squat 300
  • Just get better at everything because everything needs work
  • Push myself more during the WODs
  • Beat Ben in swimming sprints

What is something we don’t know about you?

When I was a little kid, I once bit my sister in the back over a Pokémon card.  You can imagine this probably didn’t end up too well for me…